Inviting startup enthusiast / micro entrepreneurs for business partnership with

Inviting startup enthusiast / micro entrepreneurs for business partnership with

Marketing Partners:
> Promote products and services given to partners
> Customers relationship
> New customers / clients development

Remuneration : 55% of the profit.

Vendor Management Partner:
> New vendors development
> Vendors Relationship
> Vendors co-ordination for payouts, new service launch, promotional activations
> Vendors – Owners communication

Remuneration : 15% of the profit from the vendors – lifetime

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Food lovers community

Food is what connects people across the globe. Though each tribe has its own food story, food itself is a common interest of people around the globe.
Foodies in every tribe desire to have good and variety of food. And in quest of good food they try to connect with cooking experts, master chefs, go places, experiment with recipes and do everything till the fulfillment.
Like an artist needs a canvas and actor needs a platform, foodies and food lovers need their community or a platform to connect with like-minded people and share their recipes. is being built as an online community for food lovers across the world. For food lovers it’s now easy to connect with food experts, share their recipes, write a blog, review food and restaurant, and do more.
As the saying goes “Food is the ingredient that binds us together”, let’s get bound through

How do you hire? Go with your gut or trust only documents?

Hiring right people is very hard and complex process. You can check experience and qualification documents of the candidate. But is it enough to know the depth of skills and experience? What if some people have wide experience but no documents?
How do you hire? Go with your gut or trust only documents?

Committed 30%, delivered almost 30,000% growth in branding & digital marketing. Giving more helps you grow along with people around.


When it comes to deliver performance, I look no back. Giving more helps me grow along with the people I work with.

Committed 30% growth for the company in 6 months and delivered almost 30,000% in 3 months for the architectural material brand – Tilara.


Always seek challenges in Brand Development and Digital Marketing.

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Digital Branding for Small or Medium Business : Which platform is best? WordPress or Core Coding (customized)

Branding creates strong impression among the customers. Small and medium enterprises or individual service providers are daunt to build  a brand as they think it requires big budget. As they think the creating brand is large enterprises’ cup of tea. However, building a brand is more easier now -a-days. Even a small grocery shop owner or fashion designer can build a brand in his or her area. It has also become necessary to have online presence for all the businesses today regardless of size of the business.

Before you start first thing you need to know is that you should have a permanent address online, that is your website or blog. Choosing your platform for website or blog is crucial. You can opt out from readily available themes or go for customized design and framework. CMS (Content Management System) framework like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc. have ready to use themes or templates of website or blog in which you just need to install and replace demo content. It requires basic or no coding skill.

If your business is small or medium enterprise, I would suggest you to go for  WordPress to take it online. Customized or HTML or any other core coding website needs hefty budget and not for the small or medium enterprises. Your digital agency or web developer will give you hundreds of reasons not to choose CMS. But, there are same number of reasons to choose one. There are few bargain which your web developer or digital agency do. We have the answers for it.

Website built with core coding can be designed as per the desire.

Today, you can get thousands of WordPress templates or themes to choose that may match your requirement. Even you can customize it as per your requirement if you know the coding or ask your developer.

Website built on WordPress or CMS are downloaded by many people so vulnerable to security.

There are many security tools and plugin available on WordPress as well as anti-virus tools for server that may protect you from security threats.

However, advanced security is required when you have big portal or site with database. To build site with advanced security needs many developers and lot of budget. For basic security you can use the tools available.

CMS or WordPress is not SEO friendly and may not rank on top.

It’s just a myth. To make site SEO friendly one need to concentrate on the content, meta descriptions, coding, etc. There are SEO plugins on WordPress like ‘Yoast SEO’ and other plugins can help you make your site SEO friendly. You can also set permalink, add pictures with alt tag, and submit site to search engines from WordPress dashboard. It becomes very easy on WordPress then other framework.

WordPress sites don’t load fast.

It all depends on script or theme you choose. You need to choose light weight theme for your website. There are also plugins like ‘W3 Total Cache’ and other plugins, which can help your site load fast. For the images you can choose CDN or WordPress’s own tool JetPack – free CDN to store the images.

WordPress is not just cost effective but also easy platform to build a site like ‘drag-and-drop’ feature. A nicely designed WordPRess theme may cost you $20-$80. With a domain and shared hosting it can be done in anything between $100-200. However, customized core coding website may cost you $1000 and there is no limit. An average web developer charges $5,000-10,000 for a site. So, why not start with WordPress.

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